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Haunted Salem County
A JUMPS initiative to promote tourism in Salem County

Paranormal activity in Salem County? Apparently so! Jersey Unique Minds Paranormal Society (aka JUMPS) has helped clients prove - and disprove - claims of paranormal activity in their home or business and is currently investigating a series of locations in the Salem County area in order to develop a "Haunted Salem County" program. A&E Network was prepared to feature Johnson Hall in Salem County on its national television program "My Ghost Stories"; unfortunately, the county was not and a lot of miscommunication caused the plug to be pulled on the ghost episode, which would have featured JUMPS and put a spotlight on Salem County.

Doug Hogate Jr., founder of JUMPS, has said that after speaking with the producers of "My Ghost Stories," there is still the possibility of filming an episode in Salem County next year. Filming for this season of the show in now completed. Hogate said he is looking foward to working with the county on this and other possible tourism efforts, including a ghost tour of some of the sites JUMPS investigation.

Johnson HallThe investigation that captured the interest of "My Ghost Stories" was one of two that were held at Johnson Hall in Salem, home to the Salem County Chamber of Commerce, after staff and guest noticed items that were moved without explanation, doors opening and closing on their own and scents of flowers or perfume without apparent cause. Sounds of humming when no one else was in the building prompted the occupants to call JUMPS. During the investigation, one of the JUMPS investigators was pinched on the neck, leaving a red raised mark. Apparently, the building was originally built by Colonel Robert Gibbon Johnson, a big land owner and gentleman farmer in 1806-07 where he lived with his wife and two children. His wife passed away in childbirth as well as several others, including his mother and several servants. The investigators concluded that the second floor of Johnson Hall houses "some sort of intelligent female presence, possibly two," as well as a male presence on the third floor. To read the full article about this and other paranormal stories from Salem, Cumberland and Gloucester Counties, click here.

Other local investigations include:

  • Activity in a Pennsville Residence that had reports of an apparition seen multiple times in a doorway, sitting in a reclining chair, sounds of footsteps and smells of cigar smoke. The client's 3 year old son has become terrified of his bedroom and has described interactions with a man wearing a scary mask.
  • The Salem City Cafe, a historic building dating back hundreds of years, now a popular bar and restaurant in Salem, NJ. Evidence and experiences that the JUMPS team collected over two investigations conclude a possible residual presence in the building, possibly an old caretaker, resident or former business owner.
  • A 282 year old farmhouse in Elsinboro, NJ that had claims and stories of a "ghost nurse" that lived in the house and reports of visitors who reported that their hair stood up on their arms, like an electrical charge, during their visit. The findings of an investigation uncovered a female recorded on two separate occasions in the salon room and concluded that there is an intelligent femal presence in teh farmhouse and she does not want to be bothered by anyone.

Testimonial from a JUMPS Client

Salem City Cafe

"Salem City Cafe and Bar wishes to thank Doug and the JUMP's Team for their investigations at the former Garwood House. The results of your professional investigations confirms and helps us to better understand what the staff has seen, heard and smelled since our opening 2 1/2 years ago. We would encourage others to have JUMP investigate unexplainable events at your location.

The team is professional and is quickly becoming one of the most respected investigators of paranormal activities in the area." - Debra Foglietta, Salem City Cafe and Bar


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